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We Support Farmers
Standing in Solidarity with india's Farmers Protests

India's Farmers Struggle

The Largest Peaceful Protest in the World To Repeal India’s 3 New Farm Bills and Get MSP

With over 250 million participants, the Indian Farmers Protest is the Largest, Sustained Peaceful Protest in Human History. We stand with the Indian Farmers protesting against the Three Farm Bills. The enactment of the bills will result in a future where a corporate monopoly that will seize control of the entire pipeline of food production. This is by reducing payments to farmers, leaving them indebted for generations, increasing food prices for the consumer, increasing poverty and also increasing atrocities on the minorities of India. Support the farmers online by using the following hashtags in your posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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@withourfarmers #FarmersProtest #KisanEktaMorcha #KisanEktaZindabaad #KisanMazdoorEktaZindabad #IStandWithFarmers #WeSupportFarmers #FarmersProtests  #NoFarmersNoFood

December 9th, 2021 The farm laws were repealed on Nov 30th. Therefore, the farmers protest suspended protest to determine next steps for the remaining demands. Jan 15, 2022 the SKM leaders will meet to review progress of remaining demands.

Current Status

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Solidarity Movement

"We Support Farmers" movement has led successful rallies and gaining support daily from government officials and the public around the globe. It is a global movement but founded in California because of its immense agriculture and influence by Punjab farmers. California’s great success in farming has much to do with the skills and innovation in the irrigation methods implemented by Punjabi immigrants from early 1900s.  Through events, telethons, and online petitions organized by dedicated community members, we are supporting the SKM's efforts to repeal the 3 bills and hope the leaders work with the farmers to address their needs.

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