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Celebrating the Farmers' Repeal of 3 Farm Laws & 1 Year Anniversary 

Sikh Sangat of Bay Area California celebrates the victory of the farmers efforts in repealing the 3 farm laws.  This is a huge success to reverse the misstep by the lawmakers. 

They have successfully managed to stay peaceful and committed to their cause. Bay Area residents and others around the world have emotionally been tied to the protest and provided great support. 

This is a huge victory for the community and all the supporters. In addition, the 700 lives sacrificed during this 1 year will be recognize and honored with an exhibit and community flags. 

The special program will include include Kirtan, speakers, art activities, community exhibits, and public officials to share their thoughts and visit the exhibit. 

Sunday - December 12, 2021

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM 

San Jose Gurdwara, 3636 Gurdwara Ave, San Jose, CA 95148

Send us your information if you would like to display your art work or any farmers project.

Regular updates will be added to the fb page.


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